How to become a member…

Membership Registration Requirements:

Membership Application Forms: Obtain membership application forms at a fee of GHc350 from National/Regional/District society. A susu collector/enterprise shall complete an application form which also serves as personal identification and records.

A Complete form should be submitted to applicant’s Regional Office with the following attachments.

a. Passport Picture: He/She shall be required to submit four (4) passport size picture each of (applicant and     guarantors) for an ID card, District, Regional and National files.

b. Sample of susu passbook

c. Photocopy of Registration of business Name.

d. Medical Report from any Government hospital

e. Guarantors: (The applicant shall be required to present (3) guarantors with sworn Affidavits) Guarantors shall be of  high profile persons in society. For example (lawyers, Doctors, Pastors, Senior Civil servant, etc)

f. Photocopy of National Identification of applicant and guarantors (i.e Voters ID, Passport, Driver license, NHIS ID)

g. All Applicants shall be required to provide a police clearance report.

h. Applicant shall also be required to fill a Bank of Ghana personality form.

i. Applicant and Guarantors are required to attach copies of Bank Statements to the form when submitting


ASHANTI 1,400 600 1,000 840 3,840
BRONG AHAFO 1,400 600 1,000 1,610 4,610
CENTRAL 1,400 600 1,000 500 3,500
EASTERN 1,400 600 1,000 500 3,500
GREATER ACCRA 1,400 600 1,000 900 3,900
NORTHERN 1,400 600 1,000 500 3,500
UPPER EAST 1,400 600 1,000 1,000 4,000
UPPER WEST 1,400 600 1,000 500 3,500
VOLTA 1,400 600 1,000 840 3,840
WESTERN 1,400 600 1,000 1,000 4,000
  1. Introductory letter to Registrar Generals Department: Applicant shall be given an introductory letter to Registrar General’s department after a full payment of membership certification fee of GHc1,400.00 and Bank of Ghana License fee of GHc600.00 (Total =GHc2,000.00) NOTE: All Regional charges are to be paid at the respective regions,
  2. Shares: All new applicant/members shall own shares in their respective regional societies. Each members is required to purchase a minimum of GHc500.00 shares in their society.
  3. Due Diligence & Interviews: The applicant shall be invited and interviewed by the Regional/District Executives.
  4. Onsite Examination: The monitory and supervision unit shall conduct further onsite-examination of the office premises, documentation and data capturing systems to ascertain the qualification of the applicant for issuance of BoG operating license.
  5. Provisional Membership Certification: A successful applicant shall be issued with a provisional membership certificate renewable annually for two (2) years at a fee of GHc150. A perpetual membership certificate shall be issued at the end of two (2) years if the members found to be of good-standing.
  6. Bank of Ghana License: The applicant will be recommended for the issuance of Bank of Ghana license. The license shall be renewed annually at a fee of GHC 300
  7. Susu Investment Fund Contribution: All GCSCA members shall pay monthly premium into the Susu investment fund (SIF). Optional contribution aside the prescribed monthly premium are allowed.